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Positive Ways to Support Children's Social and Emotional Development  >  Supporting Social and Emotional Development
CDA Super Saturday: Supporting Children's Social and Emotional Development

Children develop self-esteem, independence, self-control, and socialization skills while they are in the care of early educators.    In this workshop we will discuss developmentally appropriate guidance techniques and intervention strategies to help children to cooperate, participate, and have fun throughout the day.  Utilizing effective classroom management techniques can help reduce classroom chaos, increase learning opportunities, and decrease provider stress.  Learn new and refine known techniques for helping to provide inclusive care to children with special needs.  

We will experience a new research based method for increasing the self-awareness of young children.   We will experience the Baby Doll Circle Time approach developed by Dr. Becky Bailey and Elizabeth Montero-Cefalo.  Research shows secure adult-child relationships are a prerequisite for healthy child development. Now your center can provide the necessary one-on-one connections without increasing staff burdens or staff numbers by Baby Doll Circle Time.  Note: Please bring baby doll to training   To learn more about this curriculum please visit

Participants will receive a 30 minute lunch break; therefore, only 6 hours of training will be earned.




No training dates are currently scheduled.