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How Gender is Socially Constructed Part 3

This workshop is the third of a four-part series looking at how gender is socially constructed in our culture as well in our classrooms, how that affects our teaching and learning experiences of our students. This first installment will define gender as well as other relevant tems and explain how gender from sex and sexual orientation. We will dig deeply into these terms through presentation and discussion based activites. Using research, including studies conducted by the presenter, participants will begin to learn how gender identity and gender expression form in young children. Educators will begin to look critically at their own practice discussing ways in which their classroom environment and daily routines may reinforce the gender binary as well as gender stereotypes. This first workshop will serve as the foundation for the rest of the series creating a shared vocabulary and understanding moving forward.

A little bio about our presenter that will be teaching this four part series, Serene Rose O'Hara-Jolley, MaE, taught in early childhood and elementary learning environments in Florida and New York City. They were a founding member of the Diversity Working Group, in Brooklyn New York, a group that created workshops for teachers to facilitate weaving an anti-biased approach through a social justice lens into all curricular areas. They have taught in diverse and fully inclusive classrooms using this approach and look forward to sharing thise experiences with teachers in Alsaka.



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