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How the environment and routines in our classroom impact gender identities

This training is the second of a four-part series looking at how gender is socially constructed in our culture as well as in our classrooms.  How that affects our teaching and the learning experiences of our students. This second installment will define gender as well as other relevant terms and explain how gender differs from sex and sexual orientation. After this brief overview from last class, we will dig deeper into how we can create classrooms that support healthy gender development. We will focus in depth on how the environment and routines in our classrooms impact gender identies, expressions, and roles. Using research, including studies conducted by the presenter, participants will begin to learn how gender identity and gender expression form in young children. In this training, educators will begin to look critically at their own practice discussing ways in which their clasroom environment and daily routines may reinforce the gender binary as well as gender stereotypes and discuss creative solutions to promote healthy gender development. This second training will facilities discussions among educators and will have participants leaving with concrete activities and new techniques to use in their classrooms.



No training dates are currently scheduled.