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thread works with and supports thousands of Alaska’s families and early educators by providing resources like teaching materials and books, family friendly events and high quality training for early educators. We invite you to join us in supporting quality early care and education for Alaska’s children.

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Every voice counts...make your voice count today.

We all can have a role in letting our elected officials and other community leaders know about the challenges families in Alaska face in finding quality early care and education programs. Sharing our stories, whether we are parents, early educators or community members is one way to make our voices heard. Telling these personal stories is how we can make the sometime complexity of these issues come to life. When a hardship or inspirational story touches someone into action, we know we've made a difference!

To share your story, email and put "My Story" in the subject line of your email.

These are some of your stories below. Thank you!

Adam Barrett, Early Educator from Wasilla, Alaska:  Early Care & Education in Alaska (2:10 minutes).

Anna Walks, Early Educator from Anchorage, Alaska: The highs and lows of being in the early childhood profession (1:58 minutes).

Child Care Professionals: Under Appreciated? From (3:22 minutes).

Gwen Maake, Early Educator from Juneau, Alaska: Be an Advocate for Children in Alaska! (3:40 minutes).

Kimberly Danford, Early Educator from Wasilla, Alaska: Early Childhood in Alaska (1:24 minutes).

National Step Up for Kids Day Goes Digital in Alaska! (1:29 minutes).

thread's storythread is one of 500 finalists for Toyota's 100 Cars for Good program (watch our video here) (1:27 minutes).