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thread works with and supports thousands of Alaska’s families and early educators by providing resources like teaching materials and books, family friendly events and high quality training for early educators. We invite you to join us in supporting quality early care and education for Alaska’s children.

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2018 Earthquake Recovery Center

As southcentral Alaska recovers from the earthquake on November 30, 2018, thread is working with the State of Alaska Child Care Program Office (CCPO) and the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) Child Care Licensing Office  to support families, early childhood educators and programs, businesses, and local communities. There will be no more open/closed program updates at this time. Please contact child care provider directly for updates. 

Family Updates

  • Follow your child care program’s guidelines and procedures for services following a natural disaster. Contact the program directly for the status of the facility, procedures and closures. If you are unable to reach your program, call the Municipality of Anchorage Child Care Licensing Office at 907.343.4758 or email Outside of the Municipality, the Alaska Child Care Program Office can assist you toll free at 888.268.4632.

Early Childhood Educators & Programs Updates

Early childhood education programs, please call thread toll free at 800.278.3723 if you need support in recovering and reopening after the earthquake.

Training Schedule

Here is the status of thread trainings in Southcentral Alaska for the week of December 2 – 8:

Trainings will follow their regular schedules after December 8.


  • Teaching Students to be Resilient in Times of Trauma - Earthquake: 1 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 8, 7041 DeBarr Road (Muldoon Community Assembly)

  • Teaching Students to be Resilient in Times of Trauma - Earthquake: 6 to 8 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 9, 7041 DeBarr Road (Muldoon Community Assembly) - MORE

Coping Resources

Resources to help adults and children process what happened and transition back to a normal routine.