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You can help take the first step in ensuring safety for your child by knowing to ask your early childhood education program the right questions.

When considering an early childhood program, you can ask these questions to help determine if the program you are looking at meets the quality standards of being licensed, safe, healthy, and playful. It’s also important to be fully informed about who your child’s educators are and their background in early childhood education.

thread believes strongly that parents and families should develop solid relationships with their child's program, as well as the early educators working with their children. This can be accomplished by asking the following questions:



Does this program have a Child Care License in Alaska?

What education or special training has the child care teacher received?

What is his/her experience working with children?

Are there clearly written policies and expectations?

Are there cameras on the premises? If so, what areas are and can be filmed?

How does this program engage with parents?



Are children cared for at all times, even while sleeping?

Are cleaning supplies, medicines, and harmful items kept out of children’s reach?

How are children kept safe in the outdoor area?

What is the plan for responding to emergencies and disasters?

Is there someone present who has CPR and First Aid training?



What healthy meals and snacks are offered?

Is the children’s restroom clean and sanitary?

Is the hand-washing area easily accessible to children and adults?

How are children supported when they are having difficulties?

How physically active are the children during the day?



What toys and games are available for children to play with (blocks, puzzles, etc)? Is there a variety?

Do classroom activities and schedules accommodate all children?

What daily activities promote creative expression (singing, dancing, reading, making art)?

Are there regular community outings, such as field trips to the library or museum?


Asking these questions helps parents become informed consumers.  Additionally, by spending time at your child’s early childhood program and talking to your child about their experience in care, you are investing in your early childhood program and building a stronger relationship with their early educators. This relationship of open communication can help the program and educators better meet your family's needs. Parents who have built a relationship with their child’s teacher often find it more comfortable to address concerns with them directly. However, if you have a concern that is unresolved, thread strongly encourages you to contact Child Care Licensing. You are the ultimate advocate for your child’s care. Licensing specialists will investigate complaints received about early education programs and document the findings. Information on completed complaint investigations is public information and available for viewing. It is the parent’s responsibility to continue to check on the status and outcome of complaints.

As always, thread is here to help facilitate finding and keeping quality child care. We know this is an important relationship and an emotional family decision. thread provides free child care referrals to any family who is in need of quality child care. Contact us today at: 1-800-278-3723 or visit our website at

Contact thread to learn more about the different types of early childhood education available in the community and to hear suggestions for interviewing and selecting programs in your area. Working closely with your child’s early childhood program ensures everyone understands the quality standards of licensed, safe, healthy, and playful child care.

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