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Nature Inspired Units for Preschoolers: The Rainforest & "The Great Kapok Tree"

This training is inspired by the book “The Great Kapok Tree," by Lynn Cherry. It is a tale of the Amazon rain forest. This book is about a man who falls asleep in the rainforest after trying to cut down a kapok tree. During his slumber he is visited by many off the rain forest animals. They explain to him the importance of the rain forest and why he should not cut the tree down. This unit will teach children about the Amazon rain forest and its importance to our existence. It teaches children an environmental message, to respect their environment and the inhabitants. Through this process the children will do a wide variety of activities during this unit, and will end the unit with a play of The Great Kapok Tree. Here each child will play an animal in the story. They will all have costumes and a part in the play. They will have the opportunity to use their creative and artistic abilities. This lesson provides many learning opportunities for children, from encouraging creativity to learning about a vast ecosystem.


*This training counts towards “Rock-N-Twigs” Mini Grant!*



No training dates are currently scheduled.