Recognizing parents as a child’s first teacher, thread understands that families want the best for their children and want to maximize their development and learning potential.

At thread, "We're Ready" to help families make informed choices about early care and education and get the resources you need to make the search for child care go as smoothly as possible. Check out thread's customized child care referrals, quality care card, community resources and more! 

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Quality Early Care and Learning

When it comes to child care, it's difficult to express what quality looks like. thread has developed some tools to help you identify the characteristics of quality early care and education.

Services for Families

thread helps families make good choices about the early care and education needs of children. Free of charge, thread provides families with information about early care and education programs, based on their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Early Care

Decisions about the early care and learning for your child are important and will take some time. thread can assist you in making informed decisions to best support your child's development and learning.

Child Care Referral Services

thread provides referrals to child care programs only, not recommendations. Parents are encouraged to visit and interview providers before making a decision about child care.

Support and Resources

Through short-term support, parenting workshops and a free lending library, thread connects families with resources to help meet the unique needs of their young children.

Imagination Library

Founded by Dolly Parton to encourage children to read, Imagination Library mails a high quality, age-appropriate book each month to children from birth to age 5 who enroll within their community, regardless of their family income.

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