When you file for your Permanent Fund Dividends (PFDs) this year, don't forget to Pick.Click.Give and share a portion of your PFDs with the causes you care about.  

When you choose to Pick.Click.Give. to thread, you’re giving more than a donation. You’re giving the gift of Social & Emotional Competency, Safe & Nurturing Environments, Language & Literacy, Effective Problem Solving, and Creative Expression to more children across Alaska. When children have the opportunity to experience a high-quality early learning experience in their first years of life, they are better prepared for school, more likely to graduate, to be employed as adults, and more likely to thrive!

You give Alaska’s children the chance to thrive when you Pick.Click.Give. to thread.

If you have already filed, it's not too late to Pick.Click.Give. Click here for instructions on how to add or change your Pick.Click.Give. donation.

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